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Roto Gravure HR Paper and Board Inks

Rupa colour inks produces Roto gravure heat resistant printing inks (GR HR Paper inks), for various specialty packaging applications such as Soap wrappers, biscuit wrappers, liquor Labels and many other paper products. Decorating the paper and board packaging materials with gravure inks is always special. Colourful packaging wrappers are always preferred by food and cosmetics manufacturers since it fulfils their publicity requirements. We manufacture quality gravure inks with Heat resistance and alkali resistant properties since various packing processes are involved for these food and cosmetic products packaging. So rupa gravure paper inks possess the essential requirements of heat resistance (HR), Alkali resistance(AR), Rub resistance and scuff resistance properties.
Gravure Hr Paper Inks

Gravure HR Paper Inks end application Products

  • Soap Wrappers
  • Liquor labels
  • Industrial self adhesive stickers
  • Biscuit Wrappers
  • Confectionery Wrappers
  • Gift Wrap paper
  • Folded Carton Box

Normally heat resistant roto gravure inks are ethyl acetate solvent based containing fruit odour. These ethyl based gravure paper inks are Scuff resistant and rub resistant too.. Most of the food product manufacturing companies prefer to wrap their food products with the Paper wrappers printed by Ethyl based HR gravure inks due to it's amazing multiple resistant properties.

Being an ISO certified Gravure ink manufacturers, Rupainks supplies Gravure HR paper inks to major Roto gravure presses across the globe. So Rupainks continues to be the largest Manufacturer and suppliers of Roto Gravure HR paper ink products with the capacity of 500 tonnes a month in their each production unit.

Our Gravure process inks of Cyan, magenta, yellow and black posses the properties of transparency and brightness along with multiple qualities of Heat and Alkali Resistance. Due to these fantastic properties and qualities of inks, the gravure printed labels and wrappers plays a vital role in publicity of Food and cosmetic products.

Special colours such as Gold, silver and other metallic shades are readily available in these gravure HR paper ink varieties. Pearl effect colours are very much popular and available in different kind of shades for HR Gravure printing applications. Special pantone colour like shades are matched according to the requirements of Gravure printers and dispatched from our factory in 24 hours from the receipt of order. Our Excellent technical support in this regard is a highlight in our Gravure press of our customers.

Light fastness, Heat resistance, Alkali resistance, Scuff resistance, colour fastness, and Rub resistance properties are the most essential qualities in our gravure HR paper inks. Our Q/C team assures these properties in optimum level and supply at best price. Our focus of quality assured production of Roto gravure Heat resistant ink products at competitive price made us a Leader in total Gravure printing industry. The application of our gravure heat resistant and Alkali resistant inks in packaging industry is most important part in publicity of food products marketing.

RotoGravure ARSR Paper Inks